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Digitized by: MBLWHOI Library
Digitized by: MBLWHOI Library
Thomas Hunt Morgan, children & friends at the Grand Central Station in New York City waiting for train to Woods Hole
Richard Huettner, son of the photographer, standing in the doorway of the Bell Tower, 1930
Dr. E. B. Wilson - 1929 Richard (L) and Robert (R) Huettner. Photographed in rear of Crane Building. Wison was using crutches as he suffered from severe arthritis in his later life
Mary R. Huettner - Woods Hole
Alfred H. Sturtevant in uniform
The "Columbia Gang" dining with Pithecanthropus. c 1920
Thomas Hunt Morgan portrait as above but seated in the opposite direction
The "Columbia Gang" dining with Pithecanthropus. c 1920
E.B. Wilson portrait with glasses
Pitching horseshoes outside Old Main - 1928. After the last class of the day, groups would meet behind Old Main for a few hours of this popular sport.