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Saxen standing with a pamphlet or magazine in his left hand, holding some unknown item up to his mouth in his right hand. He is wearing a white shirt and jeans.
Schrader standing on the edge of a path in front of a cove.
Rosenbaum and Epel standing next to another man, facing the camera.
Saxen standing in a group of people talking.
Chambers standing outside on a set of stairs leading up to a brick building.
Dr. Copeland standing outside in front of a bench and a short, stone wall.
Gray standing in a doorway with some papers in his left hand.
Dr. Mast sitting on some steps leading up to a door to a building.
Dr. Parker sitting outside on a ledge, with a hat in his lap.
Lillie Auditorium full of people in the seats.
Mintz talking with another woman, both with cups in their hands.
David Epel (left) and Joel Rosenbaum (right) standing with Theodore (Ted) Clark (center), facing the camera. Clark was a post doc with Rosenbaum. The trio was working in the Fertilization and Gamete Physiology Course, directed by Charles Metz (U of Miami). Rosenbaum and Epel were instructors in that course. Rosenbaum became Director of the Physiology Course in 1980. Clark is now a Professor at Cornel; Rosenbaum, a Professor at Yale, and Epel at Berkeley.