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Scan of the cover of supply department's catalogue of specimens for sale. In red ink is a photo of some MBL buildings and boats, text reads "Biological Materials, established 1890, catalogue No. 57, Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole Massachusetts U.S.A.
Pamphlet for "Cell Behaviour: The Michael Abercrombie Memorial Meeting."
Schedule of the Abercrombie Symposium.
Provisional Lecture Schedule for MBL Embryology Course, 1971
List of students accepted for the MBL Embryology Course, Summer 1971
Contract of Trinkaus's contribution to the book published by Cambridge University Press, in honour of Michael Abercrombie.
Poster announcing speakers at the Michael Abercrombie Memorial Meeting.
Adverstisement of the Michael Abercrombie Memorial Conference held at the University College London on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, 19th, 20th, & 21st April 1982.
A two-page handwritten document entitled "conlcusion," mentioning directional cell movement.
Trinkaus manuscript, "Some Thoughts on Directional Cell Movement during Morphogenesis," prepared for book in dedication of Michael Abercrombie
Extract from the introductory remarks of JP Trinkaus during the Gordon Research Conference on "Cell Contact and Movement."
Trinkaus's "Remarks prepared for Presentation to the Corporation of the Marine Biological Laboratory" - 1990