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One .tiff and one .jpeg file
Black and white portrait photgraph of Edwin Grant Conklin, dressed in a suit, and seated.
Four men and three women on the steps of Lillie.
One .tiff and one .jpeg file
Two men seated peeling potatoes. One man standing slicing tomatoes.
Two members of the Botany class seated on the edge of the boat talking.
One .tiff and one .jpeg file
View of large reading room. Four men seated at separate tables reading books.
View along side of book stacks with counter. One person seated at counter. 2nd image.
3 coffee urns on table. Man pouring water or coffee into one.
Members of the Botany class sitting and laying on the back of a boat out to sea.
Man in chef's hat seated on crates. One man seated on back of tractor trailer truck. Man in suit standing below loading dock.