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Two men working on starfish mop on the collecting boat "Dolphin"
Professor Parpart inserting a syringe into a shark hanging from its tail.
Man at desk working on a graph.
Two men motoring in small boat
Botany students boarding a boat in Eel Pond.
Two men with a truck carrying a small boat. Located behind Lillie building in front of MBL Supply House
Five men sitting or standing near windows of MBL Supply House with tanks in foreground.
Two men dragging a seine across the pond.
A group of people watching a shark being cut into.
Several men and a women standing on the dock looking at a shark hanging from its tail, hosing the shark off.
View of Nobska lighthouse and cottage at night with light on. Darker contrast.
Faculty and students in the 1992 History of Biology Seminar at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA