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Still Image

Black and white photograph of men and women collecting under the docks in a row boat
Photo of John Philip Trinkaus kissing his wife, Madeleine Trinkaus, on the cheek
Diagram of stages of cell division in animals (top row) and plants (bottom row).
Black and white photograph of polarizing microscopy of the mitotic spindle of the endosperm. The two columns depict images obtained with different rotations of the compensator. The top row depicts the cell during metaphase, the bottom four rows depict, from the second row down to the fifth, progression through anaphase.
Polarizing microscopical images of crystals of Green Fluorescent Protein. This work, with Inoue conducted with Osamu Shimomura and others, has shown that it is possible for researchers to identify the orientation of GFP in cells, as well as its presence or absence.
Color photograph of Shinya Inoue with a microscope at the Marine Biological Laboratory
Polarizing microscopical image of cave cricket sperm. The patterns of birefringence in the upper half of the sperm displays the different regions of the DNA. The dark region below the middle of the sperm has been irradiated with UV. The five images were taken at different rotational angles of the compensator, which allow light of different polarizations to pass through.
Color photograph of Shinya Inoue (left) with his mentor Katsuma Dan (right). Photograph taken by Y. Hiraiyoto and sent to Inoue.
Black and white photograph of the corner of MBL St. and Water St. The brick buildingon the left is the Lillie Building and its Crane wing, the stone building next to the brick Crane wing of the Lillie Building is the Candle House.
Sepia photo of men in boats setting up a row of fishing nets
Black and white photo of some members of the Morgan family. T.H. Morgan is in the back left of the photo.
Seventeen people in the Basic Ecology course posing for a photograph outside of the Loeb building in Jan in 1981