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Still Image

Black and white photograph
Black and white photo
Black and white photograph of microscopic image of sand dollar embryo. The image shows four cells with the birefringence of the spindle fibers contained within them. Whether the birefringence is bright or dark depends on the orientation of the spindle. The main object of polarized light microscopy is contrast, and this is evident in this picture. Shinya has written on the back of the photograph: 75e22I From 17A RCF-3.5 15sec@F/11 2mD
Black and white photograph of the corner of MBL St. and Water St. The brick buildingon the left is the Lillie Building and its Crane wing, the stone building next to the brick Crane wing of the Lillie Building is the Candle House.
Sepia photo of men in boats setting up a row of fishing nets
Black and white photo of some members of the Morgan family. T.H. Morgan is in the back left of the photo.
Seventeen people in the Basic Ecology course posing for a photograph outside of the Loeb building in Jan in 1981
Sepia photo of Antonio Amaras standing on boat at a dock.
Sepia photo of four men standing on a dock. The second from the left is Paul Conklin
Black and white photo of four men emptying a net on a boat
Sepia photo of Paul Conklin and another man sitting in front of the water