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Correspondence & Documents

Part of To Francis Otto Schmitt from The Schmitty Verein, May 1941
Letter to Trinkaus thanking him for writing recommendation letters
On his upcoming research appointment with Dr. Yerkes at the Yale Laboratories of Primate Biology.
On his first article on the action of an androgen administered prenatally on the patterns of behaviour displayed during adulthood. On his upcoming visit as guest lecturer at Hamburger's department at University of Washington.
On preparing lectures in invertebrate zoology and introductory botany.
Letter of recommendation for Benson Ginsburg.
Letter of recommendation for Benson Ginsburg.
Letter to Trinkaus updating him about med school
Harper responding to receiving the letter Lillie wrote to Whitman
Harper letting Liilie know he will be at home all Chirstmas season and until the 4th of January. Wishing Lillie could join.
Harper glad that Lillie accepted post at University of Chicago, letting Lillie know that the formal election will be soon and Lillie will receive a statement.
Harper responding to Lillie letter from March 19th.
Harper apologizing for late response and glad to hear about Lillie's consideration.
Harper telling Lillie to not be bothered by the clause concerning teaching three courses of instruction.
Harper informing Lillie that the Board of Trustees did not reach the recommendation. Hoping that they will discuss the following Tuesday.
Harper proposing the position of assistant professorship to Lillie.