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Correspondence & Documents

Letter about Hamburger's grafting experiments
Letter about his research on thalidomyde
William Rothery thanking Helen Culver for her gift to the University of Chicago and how it will be used to make a marine laboratory.
Talks about a visit to an unclear observatory where he met professor Bernard.
Winter 1997 Newsletter of the Land Margin Ecosystems Research Program: Understanding changes in coastal environments
Making future plans to meet up, discussion of zoology research
request for reprints, discussion of rhythmical behavior in the chick embryo and many questions posed on the subject
thank you for invitation to visit and sending of reprints, discussion of meeting and research
Thank you note for reprints. Short note on focussing his work on experimental pathology of development, particularly nervous system.
Request to exchange prints on developing nervous system in chick embryos.
Request for reprints on papers on chick behaviorial study.