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Correspondence & Documents

thank you for reprints, discussion of cyclical activity in older chick embyos and cyclical self-generated activity and adult goal-directed behavior
Thank-you note for reprints. On the importance of applying electron microcopy to early neurogenesis. On the interpretation of EM images sent by Wechsler.
Viktor Hamburger's sworn statement as to the loyalty of Burr Steinbach to th United States
Typed excerpts from Otto Hamburger's records, 8 pages. As translated by Viktor Hamburger
Thank you for figures. Requesting draft of thesis
Request to consider manuscript of Ronald Oppenheim
Carr's thanks for Hamburger's comments on a paper. Alt. name Ginger Carr
Report about research results.
Letter about Carr's current scientific research program
Report about the reviews about Hamburger's new book. Mentioned Marine Biological Laboratory summer course.
Congratulations on Hamburger's receipt of US citizenship.
Updates on the polished manuscript and personal regards.
Notification of the receipt of a paper with Molly Waugh and its publication in due time.
Positive comments on Hamburger's withdrawal from the MBL Embryology Course; Comments on Dr. Compton as a candidate of a dean
Suggestions on shorten a manuscript on the regeneration in Planaria.
Recommendation of Arthur Geise.
Recommendation of T. S. Hall and others for an instructor post
Scott saying he will not return to the laboratory at Shawnee. Scott asking to learn more about the details why he will not be returning.
Attached is a list of people to whom the letter was sent