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Man working on large mesh net.
Two men on the collecting ship the Dolphin, one is pulling a prank on the other and appears to be about to put a crab down the other guys pants.
Equpiment sitting on desk, Beaker is visible. Made out of wood. Lots of unidentified parts.
At the Fish Trap: Torpedo-shaped car in the foreground. 6 men collecting. Multiple boats and nets.
Man sitting in a chair with massive net next to him, part of which is on his lap and he is looking down and apparently working on it. Part of a building is visible in the background.
A few shelves filled with empty glassware. Label on one of the shelves reads Funnels 3.
Life magazine photo of women looking down at tools, using raido-active tracers. She is holding a glas sbottle in large tweezers.
Two men and a net on a boat. One is standing smoking a pipe, the other is leaning over. A bucket of fish sitting on the deck is visible in the foreground.
Collecting ship "Cayadetta"
Thank-you note for samples of tantalum foil for Hamburger's experiments to block the limb from the spinal cord and to insert pieces into a transected spinal cord.
Request for tantalum foil to insert in early chick embryos. On discrepancies in the mecahnism of sensory and motor hypoplasia.