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Moore, Alicia Hills - Photographs

Professor Kempton standing in a tank pulling out a dogfish.
A fisherman with fish in his fishing net, standing on a small boat.
Mr. Martin sampling some of the food in the kitchen. Another person and a food processing machine is seen as well
A boat gliding in water with a passenger sitting on the boat.
The dining room full of people eating.
A cook in the kitchen tending to food that is steaming. A lot of kitchen utensils and some food items seen in the background.
Fishermen on a boat, towing a small boat behind them.
Fishermen pulling tuna out of the water.
Fishermen pulling fish out of the water with a pile of fish on the boat deck.
A man tossing a freshly caught fish on the deck of the boat.
Fishermen unloading a steel cone from the fishing boat.
Woman taking notes in front of large circular Warburg apparatus.