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Copeland/Bloom Photograph Album

Weiss sitting at a lab bench.
Wilson standing outside with an arm placed around a young boy and a cane in the other hand.
Redfield sitting at a lab bench with a beaker placed on a stand.
Runnstrom working with a microscope.
Patten standing outside with an object in his hands.
Parker standing outside in front of a bush and the ocean while holding a white hat in his right hand.
Rand standing outside in front of some trees with a cigarette in his hand.
Ponder writing on a document at a desk.
Russell working with some equipment at a desk in front of bookshelves full of books and documents.
Rea sitting in a chair with a cigar in his left hand and an eyeglass in his right eye.
He is standing outside in front of a building
Schotte reading a book at a table.