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Copeland/Bloom Photograph Album

Child writing at a lab bench next to a microscope.
Copeland sitting at a desk, writing on a document.
Crew standing outside in front of a brick building with his hands in his two coat pockets.
Cowdry sitting at a desk with a microscope
Comstock sitting at a desk holding up a large butterfly pinned to a piece of paper. On top of the butterfly is an owl.
Hamburger sitting with his hands folded in his lap at a lab bench with a microscope placed in front of him.
Bodansky working at a lab bench.
Goodrich standing outside near some canoes.
Doisy sitting at a desk with a pen in his hand, writing.
Speidel standing outside with his right hand placed in his pants pocket.
Yatsu looking over some documents at a table.
Nassonov sitting in front of a microscope placed on a desk.