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Professor at Rockefeller University, Leslie Vosshall, discusses her research, the MBL, and her experience as a woman in science.
Harvard University professor, John Dowling, discusses the Nobel prize-winning research of George Wald and H. Keffer Hartline, as well as their associations with the MBL.
Harvard University professor, John Dowling, discusses his research at the MBL and his work on the biology of vision.
Scientific illustrator and long-time Woods Hole community member, Julia Child, discusses Woods Hole, scientific illustration, and the MBL.
Associate Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine, Fulvia Verde, explains how she got into science, her current research, and what she loves about the MBL.
Professor at University of Oregon, Janice Weeks, describes her long-standing connection with the MBL, her research, and her decision to switch fields and start working on global health problems.
Emeritus Professor from University of Notre Dame, Kenyon Tweedel, discusses his years as a summer researcher at the MBL, his research, and what makes the MBL special.
Third-generation member of the MBL community, Bruce Hunter, discusses his family's involvement with the MBL.
Professor emeritus from University of California, Davis, talks about his time at the MBL while his father was the director, and his own research at the MBL.
Post Doctoral researcher in Julie Huber's laboratory at the MBL's Josephine Bay Paul Center, Julie Reveillaud, discusses her time at the MBL and her research.
Associate Professor at University of Brest and former MBL Postdoc, Lois Maignien, discusses his time at the MBL and Woods Hole.
Founder of the Thomas A. and Gloria S. Borgese Rare Book and Journal Fund at the MBL, Gloria Borgese, discusses her years of coming to the MBL with her family, and her enjoyment of being a Woods Hole community member.