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Hamburger grants Blattner permission to cite his study on influenza virus in chick embryos
On Hoerstadius' monograph on the determination of the cartilaginous skeleton in eurodeos.
Critical comments on papers by Okada and company.
On his final draft of 'Analysis of physiological mechanisms of induction'. On a draft of chapter 12. On the outline of the other chapters.
On placing a correction on a loose leaf in all copies of 'Analysis of Development'.
On the editor's discount for purchases of 'Analysis of Development'.
Satirical comment on a review by Paul Weiss of the manuscript of 'Analysis of Development'.
Accompanying the manuscript of 'Analysis of Development'. Remarks on last chapter and bibliography.
On receiving Holtfreter's manuscript. Informal invitation to the US. Thank-you note for BW-Bali pictures sent by Holtfreter.