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Letter about a possible delay in the publication of the methodology book
Letter asking to make changes to manuscript
Letter to Trinkaus about his paper on movement of deep cells in Fundulus during the gastrula stages
Letter about the edited volume, including an outline
Letter to Trinkaus about Abercrombie memorial volume.
Letter to Bellairs, Curtis, and Dunn about the Abercrombie memorial volume.
Extract from the introductory remarks of JP Trinkaus during the Gordon Research Conference on "Cell Contact and Movement."
Letter to Trinkaus about the terminology he uses in his paper.
Letter to Trinkaus about a possible symposium volume for Michael Abercrobie's 70th birthday.
Letter to Abercrombie about Trinkaus and Harris's paper.
Trinkaus's absract for "Directional Cell Movement During Morphogenesis: Possible Mechanisms."
Letter to Bellairs about his contribution to the Abercrombie memorial volume.