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Photographic Collection - Miscellaneous Items

Black and white photo of T.H. Morgan standing next to another man. Both are dressed in light colored suits.
Black and white portrait of one of Morgan's daughters sitting in a chair
Sepia photo of the Cayadetta out on the water
Sepia group photo of 18 people outside of the supply house
Black and white photo of one of Morgan's daughters feeding a goat in front of a wooden fence.
Black and white photo Dr. Hugh Bell, from Dalhousie University, with a student aboard the Cayadetta.
Sepia photo of four men gutting fish inside a building
Black and white photo of three people in a car pulling a boat full of nets
Sepia photo of man in a boat out on the water checking a line of fishing nets
Sepia photo of three men posing outside of the Candle House with a large shark. The man in the center, holding the shark, is Antonio Amaras.
Sepia photo of Grift in a boat collecting specimens
Black and white photo of people at Stony Beach. The view looks across Buzzard's Bay towards Penzance Point.