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Photographic Collection - Miscellaneous Items

Black and white photograph
Sepia photo of three men and one boy outside of a multi-story building. One man in a dark vest is swinging around a small shark.
Sepia photo of two men in two boats setting nets in the water
Black and white photo of six men and one boy posing outside of the Candle House.
Sepia photo of a body of water and the United States Bureau of Fisheries building on the horizon.
Sepia photo of four men loading firewood onto a truck outside a small building.
Dyche Mullins, Physiology Student, in the Physiology Lab, circa 1993
Jacques Loeb photographic portrait
Video-enhanced Differential Interference Contrast microscope setup from the MBL Physiology Course, circa 1993
Mary-Lynne Benka and Dyche Mullins, students in the MBL Physiology Course circa 1993. Benka and Mullins are seated in the in the Physiology Lab at the MBL.