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Ecosystems Center

Right to Left- Ed Rastetter, John Hobbie, Frank Bowles. Ecosystems Center researchers walk on a boardwalk at a fieldsite in Abisko, Sweden.
Walt Oechel's early system for controlling CO2/temperature/water/light in field cuvettes, on the hillside below our fertilizer plots.
Figure from the Ecosystems Center Annual Report 1979
Photo from page 31 of the Ecosystems Center Annual Report 1985
Scientists sampling at Columbia River Land Margin Ecosystems Research project
A Campbell CR21x data logger at one of the Ecosystems Center's LTER sites.
Lee Stuart (grad student from San Diego State/UC Davis) collecting Eriophorum (cottongrass) seed, late 1970s. The location is probably along the Elliot Highway north of Fairbanks, Alaska.
Researchers setting up an early version of "greenhouse" experiments at Toolik Lake, Alaska.
A Sunday hike in the Brooks Range, Alaska, about 1980-81. The woman is Barbara Lachenbruch (student of Terry Chapin's, Univ Alaska). Behind her is Tom and Ellen (last names unknown), working at Toolik Lake at the time.
Aerial photo of agricultural land and river leading into Plum Island Ecosystem
Title page of the book "Processes in Microbal Ecology". The author, David L. Kirchman, has written a note to Ecosystems Center scientist Ivan Valiela.
Counting seedlings in small disturbed plots, around 1977-78 in Alaska. Lee Stuart (student, San Diego State/UC Davis) on the left, Pete Tryon (RA, Univ Alaska) and Terry Chapin (Univ Alaska) on the right.