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Black Album 2

Ephrussi sitting with his left arm leaning against a desk. On the desk lies some papers, a pen, and some glasses.
Loehwing sitting at a desk with several pieces of paper lying on the desk.
Jollos reading a book at the desk.
Sandow sitting next to a lab bench.
Holter working at his desk.
Monné sitting at a lab bench with a microscope.
Cole sitting at a desk with an open book and writing on some documents in his lap.
William Salant sitting at a table reading a book. Various papers can also be seen spread out on the table in front of him.
Jastrow sitting on a bench in an auditorium.
Kilpatrick sitting next to a desk with one arm placed on the desk.
Helene Leppay-Wastl sitting at a desk while writing on a document.
Hayden sitting at a lab bench in front of a microscope