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Black Album 1

Ohshima is standing with his hands behind his back, looking toward the left frame of the photograph. There is a long building behind him.
Goldberg is sitting next to a lab bench with a microscope.
Itano is sitting next to a table in front of a plain wall.
Patten is standing, facing the camera while holding something in his hands.
Bumpus is standing a good distance from some buildings.
Hargitt is standing with a top hat in his hands.
Detlefsen is standing, while facing the camera, and a good distance from a building.
Pertzoff is standing in front of a bush while smoking a pipe.
G. H. Bishop is sitting at his lab bench, reading something with a pipe in his mouth. He is wearing a dress shirt with a tie. His lab bench is cluttered with bottles and lab equipment.
Lengworthy is sitting at a desk, facing the camera. His left arm is resting against the desk.
Lee is sitting at his lab bench with a microscope and several other pieces of lab equipment.
Little is standing in front of a field with his hands folded behind him.