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Talks about Ginn & Co. publisher, and says they couldn't come to an agreement, therefore Whitman didn't pay them. Also discusses the idea of making the MBL a permanent lab.
Discusses a subscription, a publication, and the upcoming summer.
Comments on Bumpus, Mead, Peck, Montgomery, and others
Highlights that Conklin had not been responding. Whitman asks suggestions about who should be teaching particular courses.
Talks about how the MBL should cooperate with colleges. Whitman asks for Conklin's advice.
Draft Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Future of MBL Embryology Course, August 28, 1986; includes comments by Trinkaus handwritten in pencil. (Ad Hoc committee consisted of: Dennis Smith, Joan Ruderman, Joan Howard, Judith Grassle, Douglas Melton, Bruce Brandhorst, Eric Davidson)
Floorplan of third floor of Lillie Building, with red arrow indicating Lab 322 (Crane Lab)
Letter about Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology
Travel arrangements for Willier's visit at St. Louis.
Guido Filogamo writes to Hamburger to ask him for references
On becoming Tracy H. Harris Professor of Zoology in 1964. On Holtfreter's paper dedicated to Hamburger's 65th birthday. On a conference on "Epithelial-mesenychmal interactions". On Rolf and Eveline Lehmann from Freiburg visiting Holtfreter's lab.