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Correspondence & Documents

Requesting Benjamin Harrison Willier's Biographical Memoir Note for the Academy of Sciences.
Difficult to read; creator name uncertain
About a National Institutes of Health rejection letter
Bid to be the publisher for Hamburger's upcoming biography on Hans Spemann
Compilation of 15 short stories about Jacques Loeb written by W.J.V Osterhout. The short stories are as follows: "Loeb and the Ostwalds", "A First Glimpse of Loeb", "Loeb and President Harper", "Loeb Floors the Critics", "Loeb and the Earnest Young Man", "Grosse Männer", "Loeb's Kindness to Beginners", "Illumination (Fide Hecht)", "Shoe Shining Extraordinary (Fide Garrey)", "Loeb and the Photographer", "Anticipatory Adaptation", "Loeb and Colloidal Chemistry", "A Bold Experiment", "Loeb and Henderson", and "Loeb and Overton".
Updates about settling at the University of Colorado and work on maize.