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Trinkaus's information form, MBL 1992.
Research space application for project, "Directional nuclear division and cell movement during the early development of Fundulus" - MBL 1988.
Trinkaus's information form, MBL 1988.
Letter asking for support to extend Harlyn Halvorson's term as director of the MBL.
A detailed description of Trinkaus's proposed research on Fundulus, with an abstract.
Trinkaus's request for research services, MBL 1988.
Research space application for project, "Directional Cell Movements during Gastrulation of Fundulus" - MBL 1992.
Letter addressed to "Key" (perhaps, to Trinkaus), informing correspondent about the MBL's search for a new director to replace Harlyn Halvorson.
Annual report of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole. 2011. Includes lists of students, faculty, and researchers.
In 1988 the Marine Biological Laboratory celebrated its centennial. In this well-researched, sometimes humorous, always human "biography" of this eclectic institution, historian of science Jane Maienschein catches a glimpse of what it is that has made the MBL so special to all who have spent any time there.
yellowed paper (original)
yellowed paper (original)