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MBL administrative collection

yellowed paper (original)
yellowed paper (original)
yellowed letterhead from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with handwritten budget
Titles of papers published between 1963-1965 from research conducted at the Marine Biological Laboratory. Papers are listed alphabetically by author.
Typed letter announcing the formation of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, and enlisting support for it
MBL publication detailing the history and restoration of Candle house
5 black and white (sepia) photographs matted on a dark background
Compilation of 15 short stories about Jacques Loeb written by W.J.V Osterhout. The short stories are as follows: "Loeb and the Ostwalds", "A First Glimpse of Loeb", "Loeb and President Harper", "Loeb Floors the Critics", "Loeb and the Earnest Young Man", "Grosse Männer", "Loeb's Kindness to Beginners", "Illumination (Fide Hecht)", "Shoe Shining Extraordinary (Fide Garrey)", "Loeb and the Photographer", "Anticipatory Adaptation", "Loeb and Colloidal Chemistry", "A Bold Experiment", "Loeb and Henderson", and "Loeb and Overton".
Hand drawn layout of unidentified MBL building
yellowed paper contract (original)
yellowed paper (original)
Book containing 41 black and white photographs of MBL buildings and a map of the MBL campus