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Maienschein 100 Years

Deck and mast of a boat covererd in snow and ice. Building visible in background
Dirt road with some cars and some horse drawn carriages on it, houses/buildings visible in background.
Large group of people on the Vigilant and surrounding row boats. Collecting nets are visible, people are looking at the camera.
Crane laboratory viewed from Eel pond.
MBL picnic- people sitting in grass eating off plates, many are looking down at plates but some are looking up, appear to be laughing. 8 people total.
Old Main in 1892
Two women on shoring, one standing, one kneeling, in background is dock and two boats (one of which is Vigilant), a few many are standing on boat and dock.
Jelle Atema, musician and scientist, h olding a flute or some musical intrsument, standing in front of wooden crates with rope on top. He is dressed in suit and tie.
Penzance in 1909
Doc Hilton seated, extracting flatforms from conch shells. Three buckets sitting on the ground in front of him, one filled with conch shells.
James P. McGinnis preparing a Dogfish in a room with four men in the background. Large barrels are visible, McGinnis looks down at dogfish and other men turned away at a counter.
Three men outfitted in scuba outfits stand on boat deck with three other men helping them getting gear on and standing around.