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Wilson, Edmund B. (Edmund Beecher), 1856-1939

Wilson standing outside with an arm placed around a young boy and a cane in the other hand.
Dr. E. B. Wilson - 1929 Richard (L) and Robert (R) Huettner. Photographed in rear of Crane Building. Wison was using crutches as he suffered from severe arthritis in his later life
TH Morgan, EB Wilson and others on rocky beach having a picnic. Morgan in center, Wilson on right with teacup.
E.B. Wilson portrait with glasses
E.B. Wilson portrait with microscope
E.B. Wilson (r) and unknown man on left
E.B. Wilson Columbia University
E.B. Wilson Columbia University
E.B. Wilson with Richard (L) and Robert (R) Huettner. Dr. Wilson was using crutches at this time due to severe arthritis. He was also suffering from hypertension.
Wilson on left playing cello and Nancy at piano, both looking at camera
E.B. Wilson portrait with microscope looking at camera
Wilson is standing in front of a white picket fence and house, with his right arm wrapped around his nephew. He is wearing a suit and holding a cane in his left hand. Both Wilson and his nephew are facing the camera