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Article on Natural History work at the MBL.
Draft of report on nature study course at the MBL, including list of teachers for course.
The second notebook of lecture and laboratory notes that John P. Trinkaus took during his time as a student in the Embryology Course in 1939.
Notes from Mary Rawles' lecture. Trinkaus begins his notes with information on "Pigmentation of Birds, Experimental Studies" including information on transplantation experiments
Notes from Mary Rawles' lecture. Trinkaus continues his notes from on transplantation experiments for bird pigmentation from the previous page. Trinkaus gives details about the experimental procedure and pays special attention to the role of the neural crest
Notes from Mary Rawles' lecture. Trinkaus concludes his notes on pigmentation experiments in birds with a diagram of the neural tube with cells that produce pigment
Notes from Hubert Goodrich's lecture. Trinkaus continues his diagrams on the 'Development of the Circulatory System of Teleost' from page 25 with stages IX-XII and descriptions of stages I through VII