MBL History Projects Opens its Doors for the 2015 Season

Botany Course collecting, 1895
Botany Course collecting, 1895

The MBL History Project enters its third year.

On Thursday, May 14th, the MBL History Project researchers opened up their summer laboratory in MBL’s Lillie building, room 228, for the start of the project’s third year. The team will be in residence until July 17th.

Led by Arizona State University’s Professor, Jane Maienschein (who is also an Adjunct Senior Scientist at MBL’s Eugene Bell Center), and Project Manager, Kate MacCord, the team will continue its mission of preservation and communication of the rich history of science at the MBL.

This year’s group includes graduate students from ASU’s Center for Biology and Society: Alexis Abboud, Wes Anderson, J.J. LaTourelle, Paige Madison, and Valerie Racine. Five visiting researchers from institutions around the world will round-out the team: Katie Hammond (Cambridge University), Lucie Laplane (Gustave Roussy), Jim Lowe (University of Exeter), Karl Matlin (University of Chicago), and Beatrice Steinert (Brown University).

Researchers this year will continue to expand the project’s digital archives, create exhibits, and record interviews that capture the history of science at the MBL. The group will especially focus on capturing the rich history of biodiversity (working with the Marine Resources Center), neurobiology, and cell biology.

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