MBL Community Archives Opens for the Summer

MBL Community Arcives opening May 25 2013
Arizona State University graduate student Kate MacCord explains to MBL community members (l-r) Julie Child and Gloria Borgese how photos are processed in the Intake Studio of the Community Archives, Lillie Room 228

An exciting opening to the MBL Community Archives Project took place on Friday, May 25th in the Grass Reading Room, and down the hall in the new archives intake studio Lillie Rm 228 in the MBLWHOI Library. The MBL Community Archives is a community-generated collection of photographs, video reminiscences, and science memorabilia, all a part of the new History of the MBL website

With your help, we're building MBL's digital family album!

(above photo): Director of the ASU Center for Biology and Society, Jane Maienschein, explained during the Community Archives opening how the process of telling of the history of the MBL has changed into a digital process in the 25 years since MBL celebrated it's centenary.
The main point this project would like to convey to MBL STAFF and the entire MBL and WOODS HOLE COMMUNITY is that everyone’s photographs are welcome to be included in this project!

Everyone’s stories and memories of their life at MBL are also welcome to be informally told to our graduate students who are running our video recording studio. This enjoyable process takes as long as you wish to speak. Anyone who has been a part of MBL on any level is encouraged to participate!

While some may think that their photos or stories are not important enough for inclusion, all we are looking for is photographs with a connection to MBL and your life! Remember, we are building MBL's family album! Everyone is encouraged to participate!

Friday May 25th, was the first day all of the collaboration partners: MBLWHOI Library, Arizona State University Center for Biology and Society, Dartmouth College, and the University of Massachusetts were together in one place (as opposed to email and tele conferencing), to discuss the planning and running of the Community Archives Project this summer.

(above photo): The official opening the MBL Community Archives Intake Studio! 4 Ribbons represented our collaboration partners: MBL, Arizona State University Center for Biology and Society, Dartmouth College, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Here, MBLWHOI Library Co-Director Diane Rielinger cuts the MBL ribbon!

We were pleased that members of the MBL staff and the larger MBL community also attended this open event.  We began in the Grass Reading Room with an open discussion about this summer’s Community Archives project, and the importance of capturing and digitizing-archiving the images and memories of  the MBL Community before this rich history is lost.

“We’re building MBL’s family album this summer” was the theme echoed by MBLWHOI Library Co Director Diane Rielinger, Arizona State University Center for Biology and Society Director Jane Maienschein, Dartmouth College Professor of Biology Michael Dietrich, and Professor of History at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Laura Lovett.

Three of the graduate students running the Community Archives Project,  Kate MacCord and Lijing Jiang of ASU, and Grace Foster of Mt. Holyoke College also attended, with Kate and Lijing giving a thorough tour of the Community Archives intake studio in  Lillie room 228.

The MBL Community Archives Project is located in MBL’s Lillie Building Rm 228,  The Project office will be open May 28 - August 11 between 10AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday, and by appointment.  From August 12-23, the office will be open by appointment only.  Additional hours will be posted for special events. Contact us for more information or stop by Lillie 228.