MBL Community Archives begins May 28th

 Kandel and MBL students (2006)
Eric Kandel and MBL students (2006); This is but one example of a photograph which can be contributed to the MBL Community Archives. This photograph of a scientist and students may tell as few as one and as many as 11 separate and interconnected stories.

During MBL’s 125th anniversary this summer, the MBL Community Archives Project asks you to contribute your photographs, memories, stories, letters, and research or course notebooks to our community generated archive. Your contributions will be converted to high-quality scans for our digital repository, which provides content to the History of MBL website. ALL members of the MBL Community are invited to contribute their 2 dimensional and spoken memories of their lives and MBL. 

The MBL Community Archives Project is located in MBL’s Lillie Building Rm 228,  The Project office will be open May 28 - August 11 between 10AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday, or by appointment.  From August 12-23, the office will be open by appointment only.  Additional hours will be posted for special events.

All MBL scientists, students, faculty, alumni, Corporation members, trustees, staff, and families are invited to participate in the MBL Community Archives project this summer!