The Marine Biological Laboratory - Women at the MBL

Women have been involved at the MBL from it's inception. The Woman's Education Association, founded in 1872, were founding members of the MBL, supporting the formation of the seaside institution for research and teaching. Over the years, a large number of women have passed through the MBL as students, instructors, investigators, and more recently, as faculty members. There is not enough space to devote to the entirety of women's accomplishments at the MBL over the years, so this section serves to highlight just a few women who made contributions to the MBL community from 1888 to 1950.

Cornelia M. Clapp

Ida H. Hyde

Julia Barlow Platt

Nettie Maria Stevens

Gertrude Stein

Mary Jane Hogue

Jewel Plummer Cobb

Ethel Browne Harvey

Sister Florence Marie Scott

Rebecca Craighill Lancefield

Sally Hughes Schrader

Barbara McClintock

Rachel Carson

Margaret Sumwalt McCouch