The MBL Embryology Course 1939 - Life Outside the Lab

Besides science, as MBL courses have always done, the crew of the embryology course of 1939 enjoyed the Woods Hole area with excursions, baseball games, and picnics.  They often sang songs, accompanied by a guitar and violin in the courtyard of the old lab building. Or they joined in baseball games with students from the Physiology course.

The July 15th Collecting Net reported on the previous week’s picnic, where they played baseball, swam, hiked through the woods, and relaxed on the fine sand of the favorite MBL picnic site at Tarpaulin Cove on nearby Naushon Island. After a long day under the sun, they gathered for a dinner outdoors that included the traditional clams, lobster, and watermelon. The students pointed to their traditional picnic-induced sunburns in those days before feeling guilty about promoting skin cancers, noting “And by their color shall you know them.” These outings provided a feeling of family among the students and faculty, which carried to collaborative work in the lab. These traditions continue today with MBL courses blending discovery, exploration, and fun.