John Philip Trinkaus - Trink's First Visit to the MBL

Trinkaus’s first visit to the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole occurred when he was still an undergraduate student at Wesleyan in the summer of 1939. His mentor at Wesleyan, Professor Goodrich, who was then the director of the embryology course at the MBL, provided Trinkaus with a scholarship to cover his tuition and suggested that Trinkaus wait tables at the MBL’s mess hall to cover his room and board. In fact, Trinkaus spent several summers as a student worker at the hall, recounting in his memoirs the times he spent serving the MBL Trustees at their annual meetings and feeling terrified by the possibility of spilling soup on some of the eminent biologists present, like Thomas H. Morgan, Edwin G. Conklin, and Ross Granville Harrison.