The First Chinese Student: Yen Hui Ching - Life during WWII and a return to the US


As the Japanese front advanced throughout China, Lin and Yen struggled to keep Fukien Christian University together. In June of 1938, the University moved 250 miles inland, to a ‘refugee campus’ in Shaowu. Here, in a series of temporary wooden buildings, Fukien Christian University persisted for nearly a decade.

During the intervening years, Lin and Yen lost everything in the war. Lin maintained his leadership of Fukien Christian University, overseeing its successful re-establishment on their original campus in Fuzhou in May of 1946. Their return to Fuzhou was not without incident—several buildings had been destroyed, and were replaced with the temporary wooden ones that they had built at Shaowu. These buildings were placed on rafts and floated down the treacherous rapids of the Min river to reach the Fuzhou campus.

Shortly after their return to Fuzhou, Lin and Yen moved to the US, where Lin took-up studies at the Union Seminary, in New York City. Less than a year later, Lin died suddenly of liver cancer on January 6th, 1947.