The 21st Century - Symposia

The Biological Bulletin began publishing symposia (from the Greek symposium, meaning "to drink together," or, in our sense, "to think together"), which were held at the MBL in the late 20th Century. At first, only Abstracts were published, but by 1996 the journal began publishing entire research and review articles.

In 1997, the concept grew to include papers from a "virtual" meeting: that is, a meeting that would be taking place virtually within the pages of The Biological Bulletin. Each type of presentation at this "meeting" becomes a review paper, a research report, or a rapid communication, all of which, together, support the goal of creating a clear picture of the latest findings in a discipline.

The choice of topic is suggested by either the Editor-in-Chief, or by members of the Editorial Board. Each symposium has a handling editor or editors, either from the Editorial Board or by a guest editor who is an expert in the field. The editors invite participants to submit papers; all are rigorously reviewed.

The future of aquatic research in space  192: 111-201 (February 1997)

The cytoskeleton 194:317-418 (June 1998)

Genetic regulatory networks in embryogenesis and evolution 195: 357-386 (December 1998)

Evolution: a molecular point of view  196: 303-420 (June 1999)

Chemical communication and ecology  198: 167-253 (April 2000)

Invertebrate sensory information processing: implications for biologically inspired autonomous 

systems  200:  147-245 (April 2001)

The limits to self organization in biological systems 202: 245-320 (June 2002)

Outcomes of genome-genome interactions 204: 155-235 (April 2003)


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