Explore the Marine Biological Laboratory's significant contributions to scientific discovery through the years. View the wide variety of scientific courses that have been taught at the MBL, browsing by topic or by year. Individual course pages include the names of instructors, students, and other participants in addition to photographs and other historical documentation about the courses. Coming soon, our exhibits will feature the work of scientists such as Viktor Hamburger, the experiences of women at the MBL, and other important people and events in the history of the MBL.

Online exhibits

We are compiling online exhibits from images, documents, and other items in our archives. The exhibits will focus on important episodes, ideals, and individuals in the history of the Marine Biological Laboratory - individuals such as Viktor Hamburger, an embryologist whose scientific career stretched from the early 1920s to the late 1980s. In the late 1930s and 1940s he was an instructor here at the MBL on the Embryology course, and you can see him with his students in the 1943 Embryology class photo.

A teaching institute

Since 1888 thousands of students have been taught by distinguished scientists at the MBL, transforming this small independent research institute into a premier training ground for biologists.

Other things being equal, the investigator is always the best instructor.

Charles Otis Whitman

Find out who those students were, what they studied and which resident and visiting scientists they learned from, in our course listings, available through 1990.