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Man Pulling in Fishing Net at Great Pond

Black and white photo of man on a bank of water pulling in a fishing net

Created: 1920

Osterhout's 80th Birthday

Back of photo reads "Presented by Dr. W.J.V Osterhout, Oct 25, 1950 (taken at the birthday of Dr. O--80th}--party in his honor at the MBL. Top row: left to right: M.H. Jacobs; A.P. Mathews; Robert F. Loeb; E. N. Harvery; G.H.A. Clowes. Bottom Row, Left to right; R.S. Lillie, W.E. Garrey, W.J.V. Osterhout; E.G. Conklin. (Photographed by Edwin Gray)". In the bottom there is stamped "Edwin Gray Main St. Falmouth, Mass."

Created: 1950

Man Throwing Fish Into Tubs

Black and white photo of a man in a boat throwing a specimen into metal tubs while three men on a dock stand watching.

Laying out the Fishing Nets

Sepia photo of men in boats setting up a row of fishing nets

Created: 1916

Paul Conklin Sitting with a Man.

Sepia photo of Paul Conklin and another man sitting in front of the water

Veeder and company on the Cayadetta


Created: 1925

Six Men and One Boy Posing Outside of the Candle House

Black and white photo of six men and one boy posing outside of the Candle House.

MBL Trustees in 1940

Back of photoreads: "Identification O. K." and "Backrow: Left to right" Goodrich, Curtis, Riggs, Harvey, Heilbrunn, William, Lewis, Jacobs, Knowlton, Ann Strand. Middle Row: Clark, Spudel, Garrey, Stockard, Harrison, Mathews, Schrader, McClung, Woodruff, R. Lillie, Grave, Swing, Redfield, Mast. Bottom row (seated) Bumpus, Parker, Scott, Morgan, Conklin, Wilson, F. R. Lillie, Calkins, Osterhout, Glaser, Tennent, Ambesson, Parkard. 1940 Trustees of Marine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole Massachusetts" and a stamped "Fred S.

Created: 1940

MBL Trustees in 1939

Black and white photo of the Trustees of the Marine Biological Laboratorr taken in front of the Lillie Building in 1939.

Created: 1939

Sepia MBL Trustees on August 9, 1932

The back of the photo reads: "Trustees" and "Identification O. K." and "Summer of 1932" followed by "Back row (left to right) Knowlton, F. P.; Chambers, Robert; Packard, Charls; Lewis, I. F.; Clark, Eliots R.; Grave, Caswell; Glaser, Otto C.; Lillie, Ralph S. Middle row: Vetcalf, Maynarc N, ; Redfield, Alfred C.; Stockard, C. R.; Jacobs, M. H.; Greenmen, M. J.; Donaldson, H. H.; Scott, Wm. B.; Woodruff, L. L.; Goddrich, H. B.; Tennent, D. H. ; Mathews, A. P.; Schrader, Franz; Clapp, Cornelia M. Seated: Conklin, E. G.; Morgan, Thomas H. ; Wheeler, W.

Created: 1932

Bryn Mawr College Students in 1896

Clarke and Ogilvie were in the Embryology Course in 1896

Created: 1896

Labeled MBL Trustees on August 9, 1932

Top: F.P. Knowlton Syracuse, Robert Chambers New York Univ., Charles Packard Columbia, I. F. Lewis Virginia, E. R. Clark Pennsylvania, Caswell Grave Wahinton U., Otto Claser Amherst, R. S. Lillie Chicago. Middle: M. Metcalf, A.G. Redfield Harvard, C. R. Stockard Cornell Medical, M. H. Jacobs Pennsylvania, M. J. Greenman Wistar Institute, H. H. Donaldson Wistar Institute, W. B. scott Princeton, L.L. Wooodruff Yale, H. B. Goodrich Wesleyan, D. H. Tennent, Dryn Mawr, A.P.Mathews Univ. Cincinnati, F. Schrader Columbia. Front: E. G. Conklin Princeton, T. H. Morgan Calif. Inst. Tech., W. M.

Created: 1932

Body of Water

Sepia photo of a body of water and the United States Bureau of Fisheries building on the horizon.

Cornelia Clapp and the MBL Trustees on the steps of the Lillie Building

Back of photo with handwritten "Dr. Clapp- 1st Row-center (dark dress)."

Directors of the MBL in December 1976

The directors pictured are: James D. Ebert, 1970-1975/1977+, Philip B. Armstrong, 1950-1966, Keith R. Porter, 1975-1976, H. Burr Steinbach, 1966-1970

Created: 1976

Twelve Men and One Boy Posing Outside a Building

Sepia photo of 12 men wearing rubber boots and a small boy posing outside a building

Six Men with Four Boats Out on the Water

Sepia photo of six men with four boats out on the water collecting from a line of nets.

Paul Conklin Sitting with a Man.

Sepia photo of Paul Conklin (right) sitting next to a man, posing for a photo

People on a Boat for a Collecting Trip

Black and white photo of a many people out on a boat for a collecting trip in the 1920s

Created: 1920

Four Men Loading Firewood onto a Truck

Sepia photo of four men loading firewood onto a truck outside a small building.

MBL Collecting Crew in the early 1920s

Sepia group photo of MBL collecting crew from 1922 or 1923

Man on a Dock in Front of the Crane and Lillie Building

Sepia photo of a man on a dock in front of the Crane and Lillie building

Walker, Hilton, and Gray unloading a boat

Sepia photo of Walker, Hilton, and Gray unloading a boat into the water

Antonio Amaras and friends with a shark in front of the Candle House

Sepia photo of three men posing outside of the Candle House with a large shark. The man in the center, holding the shark, is Antonio Amaras.

Checking a line of nets

Sepia photo of man in a boat out on the water checking a line of fishing nets