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Elizabeth Island Beach

The Elizabeth Island beach 1920

Created: 1920

Nobska Lighthouse

Nobska Lighthouse in Woods Hole, MA, looking west

Created: 1918

Camping on Elizabeth Islands

Donald Lancefield (far left), Rebecca Lancefield (dark dress)

Created: 1922

Buildings of US Fish Commission: Woods Holl Mass

United States Fish Commission buildings

Created: 1890-08

Panoramic View From Penzance Point August 10 1894

View from Penzance Point overlooking Devils Foot and Great Harbor into the village of Woods Hole in the distance

Created: 1894-08

Panorama From Penzance Point

View from Penzance Point overlooking Devils Foot with Woods Hole in the distance and Nobska Lighthouse. Steamship moving through the Hole towards Buzzards Bay

Created: 1894-08

Bathing Beach Woods Holl

Photographer with straw hat and tripod black hooded camera. Bathers in period bathing suits

Created: 1894-08-16

"Alice S. Thistle" Sloop and Cat Boat. Capt. Grinnell Woods Hole August 16,1894

Sloop Alice S. Thistle and Cat Boat both while sailing near shore in Woods Hole

Created: 1894-08-16

Old Mill Falmouth Mass over 100 years old

Old windmill with broken blades and ivy covered stone wall

Created: 1894-08-16

Road through Woods Hole to Quissett - looking north

Woman in Period dress with straw hat on road to Quissett

Created: 1894-08-15

View of Yachts in Vineyard Haven Harbor

Sailing yachts with flags and some sail boats with steam engines

Created: 1894-08-12

View of Yachts in Vineyard Haven

Sailing Yachts with flags possibly the NY Yacht Club Cruising

Created: 1894-08-12

Excursion part on Capt. Grinnell's Schooner "Alice" Vineyard Haven

Women and men on schooner eating watermelon and cake

Created: 1890s

Old Stone Tower:Gliddens Signal Tower

Gliddens Signal Tower with stone construction and Nobska Point in the back ground

Created: 1894-08-11

Nobska Point Light Woods Holl Mass

Nobska Light and Lighthouse

Created: 1894-08-10

Walk to Quissett-Woods: near Woods Holl, Mass

Walking path Quissett Woods

Created: 1894-08-06

Fields Near Woods Holl Northeast of Town at Right of Road to Quissett

Fields with cows and stone walls and wooden fences

Created: 1894-07-12

View of Quissett Harbor from the South

Quissett Harbor view

Created: 1894-08-06

View of Quissett Harbor from the South

Quissett Harbor view

Created: 1894-08-06

Capt. Grinnell House Woods Holl

Captain Grinnell House

Created: 1890s

Mrs. Grinnell's Cat

Mrs Grinnell's Cat

Created: 1894

View along Road To Falmouth from Woods Holl to Falmouth

View of road with stone walls

Created: 1890s

Residence of Mrs. Sheehan: Woods Holl

Mrs. Sheehan

Created: 1896-06-22