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Behavior Course Photo in 1978.

BEHAVIORCOURSE_1979-1.jpeg: Black and white group photo of the Behavior course in 1979. Twenty-six people posing in front of the Loeb building.

Created: 1978

Behavior Course Photo in January 1979.

Behavior_Jan1979-3.jpeg: Typed class roster with handwritten circled numbers representing the people featured and the cost of printing "19 prints x 1.50/Print=28.88" and a typed list "January 1979 Behavior Course-1. Ashkenas, Linda* MBL, Woods Hole, 2. Atema, Jelle**, 3. Bagby, Brenda Oberlin College, 4. Broyles, Judy U. of Texas Arlington, 5. Bry, John Tufts U., 6. Cowperthwaite, Leslie Mass. Audubon, 7. Davis, Robert Bennington College, 8. Devine, Dana Boston U., 9. Donaldson, Terry U. of Guam, 10. Edds, Peggy U. of Maryland,11. Elgin, Randall* MBL, Woods Hole, 12.

Created: 1979

Behavior Course Photo in 1980

BEHAVIOR_1980-2.jpeg: Back of group photo with handwritten "Behavior 1980".

Created: 1980

Basic Immunocytochemical Techniques Course Photo in 1986

BASICIMMUNOCYLOCHEMISTRY_1986-2.jpeg: Back of group photo with handwritten "Basic Immunocytochemistry 1986".

Created: 1986

Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscopy Course Photo in 1984

AQLM_1984-2.jpeg: Back of group photo with handwritten text "AQLM 1984".

Created: 1984

Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscopy Course Photo in 1987

AQLM_1987-2.jpeg: Back of group photo with handwritten text "AQLM 1987".

Created: 1987

Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscopy Course Photo in 1983

AQLM_1983-2.jpeg: Back of group photo with handwritten text "AQLM 1983".

Created: 1983

High Resolution Electrophoretic Separation of Protein Course Photo in the fall of 1978

ACMscanningEMSHORT COURSE-2.jpeg: Back of group photo with handwritten text "ACM Scanning EM 5/14/78-5/19/78 Short Course".

Created: 1978

Microbial Ecology Course Photograph 1979

MicrobialEcology_1979-6.jpeg: Back of list of names "Microbial Ecology 1979"

Created: 1979

Marine Ecology Course Photograph 1979

MBLMarineEcologyCourse_1979-6.jpeg: Typed paper with otherlist listed in the photo. "Instructors- Not Present John Teal W.H.O.I. Redfield 212C, 11 Ivan Valiela M.B.L. - B.U.M.P. - Loeb 104, 17 Charlene Van Raalte M.B. L. Loeb 304" and "Assistant- 10 Time Cole M.B.L. Loeb 305, 18 Chris Van Raalte M.B.L. Loeb 304"

Created: 1979

Marine Ecology Course Photograph 1980

MARINEECOLOGY_Jul1980-3.jpeg: Scanned copy of photo with names written on the front in a black pen. "Marine Ecology 7/80)" From left to right "Dave Light, Ivan Valiela, Tom Wilcox, Erich Morgan, Tom Boyce, Virginia Bennett, Jeremy Jackson, Jennifer Molesworth., Sylvia Yamada, Quincy , Randy Chambers, David Hughes, Randa Mansour, Debbie Scheuer, Bruce Leighty, Robert Groesbeck, Michelle Corr, Annette Spies, Tim Uyeki, Beth Sherrin, James Thomson, Mark Haibach, Tony Pires, James Jackson, Rodney Fujita, Tim Ford."

Created: 1980

High Resolution Electrophoretic Separation of Protein course photograph 1978

HIGHRESELECTROPHORETICSEPARATIONOFPROTEINS_Nov1978-6.jpeg: A course description of the High Resolution Electrophoretic Separation of Proteins course that covers the purpose, course description, Faculty and Facilities, and Application

Created: 1978

Grass Fellows Group Photograph 1989

GRASSFELLOWS_1989-3.jpeg: Plain paper with traced silhouettes of people in photo with handwritten list of their names.

Created: 1989

Ecology Course Photograph 1980

ECOLOGY_1980-3.jpeg: Handwritten numbered list of people in photo. "1. George M. Woodwell, 2. Donna Vallas, 3. Charles Hannibal, 4. Kathleen Bossort, 5. Wendy Strahm, 6. Anna Willis, 7. Michael Heyn, 8. Wendy Cox, 9. Joan d'Hedouvillie, 10. Robert Eifert, 11. Carol Tanner, 12. Ann Marie Fagan, 13. Barbara Jo Schmitt, 14. Brian Donlon, 15. Let Lee, 16. Truit Prosper, 17. Blythe Mariton, 18. Alfred Pinkney, 19. David Bernard, 20. William Ford, 21. Bruce Peterson"

Created: 1980

Developemental Biology Course Photograph 1979

DEVBIOL_1979-5.jpeg: Typed class roster "Janurary 1979 Developemental Biology Course Student Roster. 12 Backstom, LeeAnn College of the Holy Cross, 2 Barnum, Susan CentralMichigan U., 19. Bumiller, Mark Tulane U., 3. Cangemi, Phyllis Columbia U., 14 Collins, Erica Medgar Evers College, 23 Crowler, Paula Skidmore College, 15 Depelteau, Audrey Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 16 Dube, Francois U. of Montreal, 8. Hanke, Jeffrey College of st. Rose, 11. Kanders, Bonnie Cornell U., 16 Latinwo, Lekan Alabama A&M U., 5. Lewis, Andrea Atlanta U., 22.

Created: 1979

Comparative Pathology Course Photograph 1979

CompPATHOLOGY_1979-5.jpeg: Typed class roster with additional information hand written. "Comparative Pathology of Marine Invertebrates Janurary 1979 Course-Student Roster-15 Andrews, Charla Johns Hopkins School of Hygine and Public Health, 12 Bennett, Hollis Battelle Memorial Institute, 16 Cook, Maltha Sloan-Kettering Institute, 5 Cox, Fanethia Texas Southern U., 1 Elston, Ralph Cornell U., 8 Font, William U. of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, 10 Hartley, Dean U. of Illinois, 18 Hazell, Rhonda College of St. Elizabeth, 9 McCormick, Stephen Mass.

Created: 1979

Comparative Pathology Course Photograph 1982

COMPPATHINVERT_1982-3.jpeg: Back of the hand written list is a typed student roster.

Created: 1982

Comparative Pathology Course Photograph 1981

COMPPATH_1981-6.jpeg: back of scrap paper. Front page of paper the numbered list was written upon. The following is typed "Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole-Massachusetts-025430(617)548-3705,Comparative Pathology of Marine Invertebrates, Janurary 1981, Janurary 16,1981 B.C. Bang, Higher Invertebrates to Vertebrates, I. Annelids segmentation, II. Echinoderms tube feet, III. Arthropods specializations, IV. Molluscs specialized mucus, V. Invertebrate Chordates tunicates amphioxus, VI. Vertebrates mucocilliary adaptatioms to life on land"

Created: 1981

Key for Basic Ecology class of Jan 1981 photo

In type appears: Marine Biological Laboratory Wood Hole, Massachusetts 02543 The following is handwritten: Basic Ecology 1981, Basic Ecology:Jan 81, 1. Bob Howarth, 2. Pat kozak, 3. Doug Foy, 4. Ute Elbe, 5. Bob de Muth, 6. Rachel Laderman, 7. Ruth Gutjahr, 8. Debbe Lipman, 9. Richard Mott, 10. Janice Weems, 11. Harry Haakonsen, 12 .Linda Gusman, 13. John Hobbie, 14. Dwight Reese, 15. Gale Lough, 16. Bruce Brownawell, 17. George Woodwell

Created: 1981

Tissue overlay for Basic Ecology class of Jan 1981 photo

Scan of Basic Ecology Course, January 1981 photograph wth tissue paper layover denoting identity of people taking the course. The number 1 thorugh 17 are handwritten and represent each individual.

Created: 1981

Basic Ecology class of Jan 1981

Seventeen people in the Basic Ecology course posing for a photograph outside of the Loeb building in Jan in 1981

Created: 1981

Example of a simplified nutrient cycle from Ecosystems Center 1979 annual report

Caption reads: "Figure 1. The biotic systems that have built and now maintain the biosphere also influence the cycles of carbon, nitrogen, sulfer, and other elements. The general pattern of movement is a series of exchanges between the atmosphere, the land, and the sea. Human activities worldwide have mobilized significant additional quantities of biotically important substances, including toxins, and have modified the natural cycles."

Created: 1979

Note from David Kirchman to Ivan Valiela at the Ecosystems Center

Note reads: "Ivan- You & the MBL Marine Ecology course got me going in this field. Thanks. David Kirchman"

Created: 2013

Ecosystems Center researchers' model of nutrient flows in an estuarine ecosystem

Caption reads: "Figure 4: A diagrammatic model of carbon and nitrogen flow in an estuarine ecosysem that emphasizes inputs of organic carbon and nitrogen and inorganic nutrients from upland watersheds and processing by the estuarine food web. Compartments of the mathematical model are shown in the box. The inorganic nutrients compartment comprises both ammonium and nitrate. The organic matter compartment comprises three distinct components: labile nitrogenous material, labile carbohydrate material and refractory nitrogenous materal."

Created: 1993

Ecosystems Center researchers' figure of element cycles in terrestrial ecosystems

Caption reads: "Figure 3. Major element fluxes within terrestrial ecosystems."

Created: 1986