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Neurobiology Course photograph 1981

NEUROBIOLOGY_JAN1981-5.jpeg: Typed roster "Janurary Neurobiology Course, 1981; Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole" Followed by a list "1. C. K. Govind (Instructor), 2. Paul Pangaro (quest), 3. Stephen Senft (Teaching Assistant), 4. Bill Richards (Teaching Assistant), 5. John Bry, 6. Ching-Ju Chen. 7. Ann Landry, 8. Laurel Freed, 9. Marva Smith, 10. Marsha Bolden, 11. Stephen Raymond (Instructor), 14. Lesley Eisele, 15. Yale Pearlson, 16. Greg Famiglio, 17. Charles Thompson (Teaching Assistant), 18. Harold Atwood (Instructor), 19. David Naftolowitz, 20.

Created: 1981

Neurobiology Course Photograph 1979

NEUROBIOLOGY_JAN1979-5.jpeg: Handwritten list of people in the course "1. Bill Curtiss, 2 Janet Lum, 3. Karla Kent, 4. Judith Eisen, 5. Laura Liscum, 6. Jonathan Mink, 7 Holmes Morton, 8 Alan Fein, 9 Glen Routhouska, 10 Debbie Kennedy, 11 Joseph Jones, 12 Nelson Publicover, 13. Richard Tipperman, 14 Bill Walthall, 15 Chuck Derby, 16 Walter Piekos, 17 William Brunken, 18 Michel Beaudry, 19 Paul Calle, 20 David Tank, 21 Bryan Bergeron, 22 Laura Regan, 23 Robin Hadlock, 24 Gary Pfortmiller, and "Absentees 1. Matthew Hardy, 2. Antonio Luque, 3."

Created: 1979

Neural System and Behavior course photograph 1984

NEURALSYSTEMSBEHAVIOR_1984-5.jpeg: Typed roster "NS & B 1984 Class Photo" followed by "1. Sabine Schafer, 2. Kip Keller, 3.Ron Hoy, 4. Tom Carew, 5. Eduardo Macagno, 6. Birgit Zipser, 7. Margy Nelson, 8. Lee Miller, 9. Blair Simpson, 10. Francisco Cervantes-Perez, 11. Don O'Malley, 12. Andy Bass, 13. David Lerner, 14. Doris Stoffers, 15. Eva Harris, 16. Cindy Sims, 17. Robin Ralls, 18. Julie Knier, 19. Matt Grober, 20. Doug Falls, 21. Robert Norgren,22. Elizabeth Gould, 23. Ed Arbus, 24. George Feher, 25. Neal Fischbach, 26. John Walsh, 27. Patricia Flynn, 28.

Created: 1984

Neural System and Behavior Course Photograph 1982

NEURALSYSTEMSANDBEHAVIOR_1982-8.jpeg: Typed cover of the summer 1982 MBL courses for postage

Created: 1982

Embryology Summer Course Photograph 1981

EMBRYOLOGYSUMMER_1981-5.jpeg: Handwritten list of people. "Embryology Course- Summer, 1981-MBL WoodsHole, Mass." and a list "1. Dana McKinley, 2. Louis Sowers, 3. Richard Showman, 4. Michael Danilchik, 5. Pierre Guerrier, 6. William Klein, 7. Bruce Brandhorst, 8. Vicky Murtif, 9. David O'Brochta, 10. Elizabeth Brown, 11. Robert Edgar, 12. Willima Jeffery, 13. Lisa Spain, 14. Rudolf Raff, 15. Rodrigo Neto, 16. Thomas Goralski, 17. Ana Oliveira, 18. Beth Sherman, 19. Lisa Kole, 20. James Ferguson, 21. Judith Henderson, 22. Gary Skuse, 23. Danuta Krotoski, 24.

Created: 1981

Embryology Course Photograph 1987

EMBRYOLOGY_1987-3.jpeg: Washed out copy of group photo with handwritten numbers over people in addition a circled number 9 and a handwritten "embryology 87".

Created: 1987

Embryology Course Photograph 1985

EMBRYOLOGY_1985-4.jpeg: Continued handwritten list of names "36. Andrew Ransick (U. of Texas), 37. Gerard Coffe (U. of Paris), 38. Tom Rayson (U. of Hawaii), 39. Kenneth Kao (U. of Toronto), 40. Paul Turner (U. of Connecticut), 41. Phillip Allen (Harvard U.), 42. Billie Swalla (U. of Iowa), 43. Alexandra Basolo (U. of Texas), 44. Seth Lapuk (U. of Connecticut), 45. Mattias Hafner (U. of Heidelberg), 46. Ray Kado (NRS, France)"

Created: 1985

1920s Botany Class on a boat

Back of photo reads: "Botany group with Father O'Keefe (Anselm) Woods Hole, Mass 1920's." and a small circled number 15 in the bottom right hand corner

Created: 1920

Embryology Course Outline 1963

Includes bibliographies and reference lists.

Created: 1963

Embryology Course Outline 1959

Includes bibliographies and reference lists.

Created: 1959

Embryology Course Outline 1958

Includes bibliographies and reference lists.

Created: 1958

Embryology Course Outline 1957

Includes bibliographies and reference lists.

Created: 1957

Embryology Course Outline 1956

Includes bibliographies and reference lists.

Created: 1956

Invertebrate Zoology Course Outline 1960

Includes bibliographies and references

Created: 1960

Invertebrate Zoology Course Outline 1953

Includes bibliographies and references

Created: 1953

Invertebrate Zoology Course Outline 1952

Includes bibliographies and references

Created: 1952

Invertebrate Zoology Course Outline 1951

Includes bibliographies and references

Created: 1951

Invertebrate Zoology Course Outline 1950

Includes bibliographies and references

Created: 1950

Embryology Course Outline 1935

Includes bibliographies and reference lists.

Created: 1935

Invertebrate Zoology Course Outline 1949

Includes bibliographies and references

Created: 1949

Invertebrate Zoology Course Outline 1948

Includes bibliographies and references

Created: 1948

Invertebrate Zoology Course Outline 1947

Includes bibliographies and references

Created: 1947

Example of a simplified nutrient cycle from Ecosystems Center 1979 annual report

Caption reads: "Figure 1. The biotic systems that have built and now maintain the biosphere also influence the cycles of carbon, nitrogen, sulfer, and other elements. The general pattern of movement is a series of exchanges between the atmosphere, the land, and the sea. Human activities worldwide have mobilized significant additional quantities of biotically important substances, including toxins, and have modified the natural cycles."

Created: 1979

Note from David Kirchman to Ivan Valiela at the Ecosystems Center

Note reads: "Ivan- You & the MBL Marine Ecology course got me going in this field. Thanks. David Kirchman"

Created: 2013

Ecosystems Center researchers' model of nutrient flows in an estuarine ecosystem

Caption reads: "Figure 4: A diagrammatic model of carbon and nitrogen flow in an estuarine ecosysem that emphasizes inputs of organic carbon and nitrogen and inorganic nutrients from upland watersheds and processing by the estuarine food web. Compartments of the mathematical model are shown in the box. The inorganic nutrients compartment comprises both ammonium and nitrate. The organic matter compartment comprises three distinct components: labile nitrogenous material, labile carbohydrate material and refractory nitrogenous materal."

Created: 1993