326 - 350 of 1788

Viktor Hamburger to Setsuya Fujita, September 1, 1964

Hamburger writes to Fujita to thank him for the reprints and ask him to visit his laboratory in St. Louis

Created: 1964-09-01

Robert Chambers portrait

Inscribed "Robert Chambers"

P. Reznikoff in the lab

Inscribed "P. Reznikoff"

I.H. Page in the lab

Inscribed "I.H. Page"

Eugene Dubois, 1934

Inscribed "Eugene F. DuBois, Dept. Med. Cornell, 1934"

Created: 1934

F. P. Knowlton, 1928

Inscribed "F.P. Knowlton, 1928"

Created: 1928

Ralph Lillie, 1922

Inscribed "Ralph Lillie, 1922"

Created: 1922

G. Kato in the lab

Inscribed "Prof. G. Kato, Physiological Institute, Reio University"

Chamber and Clowes, 1921

Inscribed "Robert Chambers, George Clowes, 1921"

Created: 1921

M.H. Jacobs at the microscope, 1926

Inscribed "M.H. Jacobs, 1926"

Created: 1926

Balduin Lucke, 1928

Inscribed "Balduin Lucke, Pathology, Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1928"

Created: 1928

Joseph Erlanger, 1923

Inscribed "Joseph Erlanger, 1923, Washington U."

Created: 1923

D.J. Edwards in the lab

Inscribed "D.J. Edwards"

S. Waksman in a lab coat

Inscribed "S. Waksman"

William Clark in a wicker chair

Inscribed "Wm. Muirsfield Clark"

J. H. Northrop, 1934

Inscribed "J.H. Northrop, 1934"

Created: 1934

Ferdinand Sichel, 1928

Inscribed "Ferdinand Sichel, Physiology, McGill University, 1928"

Created: 1928

Enid Keil Sichel on the stairs

Enid Keil Sichel seated on a set of stairs

Viktor Hamburger to Hech Eastlick, December 5, 1966

Information about teaching experimental embryology

Created: 1966-12-05

Viktor Hamburger to Hech Eastlick, October 19, 1942

Contains suggestions on Eastlick's manuscript

Created: 1942-10-19

Viktor Hamburger to Walter M. Elsasser, May 25, 1971

Information about biological individuality

Created: 1971-05-25

Viktor Hamburger to James David Ebert, November 12, 1976

Most likely addressed to James David Ebert, given timing of letter and content

Created: 1976-11-12

Viktor Hamburger to Richard Marshall Eakin, July 29, 1970

Comments on Eakin's lecture on Hans Spemann

Created: 1970-07-29

Viktor Hamburger to Hefzibah Eyal-Giladi, February 5, 1975

Commentary on Eyal-Giladi's stages of chick development

Created: 1975-02-05

Viktor Hamburger to Mac V. Edds, May 19, 1964

Comments on a manuscript about electron microscopy of motor neuroblasts

Created: 1964-05-19