1626 - 1650 of 1733

Thomas Hunt Morgan, E.B. Wilson and others having a picnic

TH Morgan, EB Wilson and others on rocky beach having a picnic. Morgan in center, Wilson on right with teacup.

Camping in Woods Hole

Note: identification differs from inscription on photo. Mary Huettner identified by Mrs. Robert J. (Carmela) Huettner, daughter-in-law of photographer

Lancefields & Johnson Wedding

Rebecca Lancefield (seated on floor), Franz Schrader and Sally Hughes Schrader (seated), Donald Lancefield (center back)

Created: 1922

Night on the Elizabeth Islands during a collecting trip

A.F. Huettner on right with pipe on collecting trip on Elizabeth Islands c1921. Probably a one-week camping trip.

Created: 1921

Schraders, Lancefields, Huettners, Johnsons at wedding 1921

Mary Huettner (front row, center), Alfred Huettner (front row right), Franz Schrader (2nd row left), Sally Hughes Schrader (2nd row center), Rebecca Lancefield (2nd row right), Donald Lancefield (rear on right)

Created: 1921

Rebecca and Donald Lancefield with Mary Huettner

Mary Huettner, Rebecca Lancefield (lying down) and Donald Lancefield - Picnic in the woods

Created: 1918

Rebecca and Donald Lancefield with Mary Huettner having a picnic

Donald Lancefield, Rebecca Lancefield and Mary Huettner - Picnic in the woods

Created: 1918

Mary Huettner in a canoe

Mary Huettner (L) in canoe, others unknown

Created: 1923

William P. Procter in car in front of Old Main Building

William Procter in car

Created: 1923

E.B. Wilson and unknown man

E.B. Wilson (r) and unknown man on left

Created: 1916

Sturtevant in uniform, view 2

Alfred H. Sturtevant in uniform

Created: 1917

Thomas Hunt Morgan with daughters

Thomas Hunt Morgan with daughters Lillian and Isabel

Created: 1918

Thomas Hunt Morgan with daughters

Thomas Hunt Morgan with daughters Lillian and Isabel

Created: 1918

Schrader, Sturtevant and Lancefield pitching horseshoes

Franz Schrader (pitching), Alfred H. Sturtevant (middle, dark clothes) & Donald Lancefield (right) pitching horseshoes

Created: 1921

William P. Procter In office at Woods Hole

William Procter sitting at desk working

Three men and a canoe

3 men, 2 holding a canoe

William P. Procter taken at Columbia

Portrait of Procter sitting at his desk with Microscope

Created: 1923

View from Bell Tower across from Eel Pond

MBL from across Eel Pond. The large brick building to the right is comprised of Crane and Lillie and immediately to the left is the Supply House with the Candle House behind. Taken in the early 1930's

Created: 1930

Mary Huettner

Mary Huettner in field of daisies

Unidentified Child on a Woods Hole Beach

Unidentified child on a Woods Hole beach - 1921

Created: 1921

Looking East on Water Street

Looking east on Water Street

Created: c1919-1923

Sprit Sail on a Canoe

Use of sprit-sail on a canoe to sail to Elizabeth Islands. Such transportation was commonly used by MBL affiliates from 1910 - 1930.

Wilson with Huettner sons

E.B. Wilson with Richard (L) and Robert (R) Huettner

Created: 1929

Research Expedition

Packing off on a research expedition

Created: 1920s

Drs. William P. Procter & Alfred F. Huettner

Drs. William P. Procter and Alfred F. Huettner in their lab - 1923.

Created: 1923