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Mary Huettner

Mary Huettner in field of daisies

Unidentified Child on a Woods Hole Beach

Unidentified child on a Woods Hole beach - 1921

Created: 1921

Looking East on Water Street

Looking east on Water Street

Created: c1919-1923

Sprit Sail on a Canoe

Use of sprit-sail on a canoe to sail to Elizabeth Islands. Such transportation was commonly used by MBL affiliates from 1910 - 1930.

Research Expedition

Packing off on a research expedition

Created: 1920s

Dr. Sturtevant Collecting

Dr. Alfred H. Sturtevant collecting

Created: 1920s

Robert Huettner with Dr. & Mrs. William P. Procter

Robert Huettner as a child with Dr. and Mrs. William P. Procter behind

Created: early 1930s

Nobska Foghorn

Fog horn - 1928 The horn was located on the bluff across the road from Nobska Light. Note buoy tender in background.

Created: 1928

Huettner & Sturtevant Collecting Specimens

Drs. Huettner (R) and Alfred H. Sturtevant (L), both on the staff of Columbia University Zoology Department, collecting specimens on the Elizabeth Islands. Note home-made shelter.

Created: 1922

Ship from Edgartown

Ship from Edgartown

Quissett Garden

Unidentified woman in a Webster House Garden - 1920's

Created: 1920s

Ship Docking in Woods Hole

Ship docking in Woods Hole - 1929

Created: 1929

Mary Huettner Sippewissett Road

Mary Huettner on lawn near a row of flowers

Created: 1923

Mary Huettner at Gansett Beach

Mary R. Huettner at Gansett Beach

Created: 1918

Surf Drive

Surf Drive in the area of today's Oyster Pond Road intersection. Oyster Pond in background

Bell Tower Millfield Street

The Bell Tower with Richard Huettner in doorway

Created: 1930

View of US Fish Commission Building

Fisheries building at Woods Hole 1919

Created: 1919

Student Housing

Photo of house from road

Created: 1916

Nobska Beach Road

Mary Huettner walking down middle of road from Nobska Lighthouse

Created: 1916

Bell Tower Millfield Street

The Bell Tower with Richard Huettner in doorway

Created: 1930

Spencer Baird's Fisheries Building

Woods Hole Cut. Spencer Baird's Fisheries Building on right

Woods Hole Railway Station

Valise on right (open) was the "Drosophila bag"

Created: 1930

Woods Hole Depot

Woods Hole railroad depot - 1930. Satchel bag in foreground for carrying glass pint bottles of Drosophila flies to Columbia University for continuing research. Mary Huettner, Richard and Robert Huettner in foreground near satchel.

Created: 1930

Robert and Richard Huettner in front of locomotive

Richard A. Huettner (L), Robert J. Huettner (R) at Woods Hole railway station

Created: 1930

Penzance Garage on Water Street

This photograph lain undeveloped in Alfred F. Huettner's camera for over fifty-five years before it was developed.

Created: 1930