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Viktor Hamburger to J. s. Nicholas, November 10, 1941

Carbon copy of original

Created: 1941-11-10

Viktor Hamburger to Frank R. Lillie, February 18, 1942

Carbon copy of original typed letter

Created: 2/18/42

Viktor Hamburger to Jane Maienschein [draft], August 5, 1995

draft version of letter to Jane Maienschein

Created: 8/5/95

Viktor Hamburger to Martha Hamburger, April 20, 1950 and April 30, 1950

Letter about trip to Cambridge, lecturing at MIT and Harvard, Victor Twitty, Rita

Created: 4/20/1950 and 4/30/1950

Viktor Hamburger to Ludwig von Bertalanffy, July 31, 1952

Invitation to Bertalanffy to give a lecture at Washington University with funds from the Sigma Xi Society

Created: 7/31/52