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Old Mill Falmouth Mass over 100 years old

Old windmill with broken blades and ivy covered stone wall

Created: 1894-08-16

Road through Woods Hole to Quissett - looking north

Woman in Period dress with straw hat on road to Quissett

Created: 1894-08-15

View of Yachts in Vineyard Haven Harbor

Sailing yachts with flags and some sail boats with steam engines

Created: 1894-08-12

View of Yachts in Vineyard Haven

Sailing Yachts with flags possibly the NY Yacht Club Cruising

Created: 1894-08-12

Excursion part on Capt. Grinnell's Schooner "Alice" Vineyard Haven

Women and men on schooner eating watermelon and cake

Created: 1890s

Old Stone Tower:Gliddens Signal Tower

Gliddens Signal Tower with stone construction and Nobska Point in the back ground

Created: 1894-08-11

Nobska Point Light Woods Holl Mass

Nobska Light and Lighthouse

Created: 1894-08-10

Walk to Quissett-Woods: near Woods Holl, Mass

Walking path Quissett Woods

Created: 1894-08-06

Fields Near Woods Holl Northeast of Town at Right of Road to Quissett

Fields with cows and stone walls and wooden fences

Created: 1894-07-12

View of Quissett Harbor from the South

Quissett Harbor view

Created: 1894-08-06

View of Quissett Harbor from the South

Quissett Harbor view

Created: 1894-08-06

Capt. Grinnell House Woods Holl

Captain Grinnell House

Created: 1890s

Mrs. Grinnell's Cat

Mrs Grinnell's Cat

Created: 1894

View along Road To Falmouth from Woods Holl to Falmouth

View of road with stone walls

Created: 1890s

Residence of Mrs. Sheehan: Woods Holl

Mrs. Sheehan

Created: 1896-06-22

Nobska Point:near Woods Holl Mass

Nobska Lighthouse (Mass.)

Created: 1890-08

Little Harbor Woods Holl Mass: Government Light Ships

Little Harbor with lights ships and undeveloped Juniper Point

Created: 1890-08

H.V Conair in Boat:Dock of United States Fish Commission

H.V Conair in rowing boat August 1890

Created: 1890-08

The Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass. 1935

1 black and white video; sound (musical accompaniment only); reformatted digital

By the 1930s, the MBL had become "the" place to go during the summer for biological research and training. Luminaries such as Frank Lillie, Edmund Beecher Wilson, Edwin Grant Conklin, and Thomas Hunt Morgan took their students, packed up their families and research labs, and headed to the MBL. They worked in labs, ate together in the Mess, and they often lived in the limited on-campus housing. Life at the MBL was a life where fun, family, and science intertwined. This film, taken in 1935 by B. R. Coonfield of Brooklyn College, captures snippets of life at the MBL.

Created: 1935