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Note from David Kirchman to Ivan Valiela at the Ecosystems Center

Note reads: "Ivan- You & the MBL Marine Ecology course got me going in this field. Thanks. David Kirchman"

Created: 2013

Winogradsky column used at the Ecosystems Center

This is a Winogradsky column that Joseph Vallino uses in a SES course on Methods in Microbial Ecology. Almost every bacterial metabolic process that occurs on Earth also occurs in these columns that are simply constructed by placing freshwater or marine sediments augmented with a carbon source (such as saw dust) and fertilizer (N and P) in a column and topping it off with either fresh or sea water. Julie Huber is a co-instructor in the course.

Methanotrophic microcosms used at the Ecosystems Center

These are methanotrophic microcosms that are being used to develop and test new approaches to modeling microbial biogeochemistry using thermodynamic approaches (namely, the principle of maximum entropy production).

Ecosystems Center researchers' model of nutrient flows in an estuarine ecosystem

Caption reads: "Figure 4: A diagrammatic model of carbon and nitrogen flow in an estuarine ecosysem that emphasizes inputs of organic carbon and nitrogen and inorganic nutrients from upland watersheds and processing by the estuarine food web. Compartments of the mathematical model are shown in the box. The inorganic nutrients compartment comprises both ammonium and nitrate. The organic matter compartment comprises three distinct components: labile nitrogenous material, labile carbohydrate material and refractory nitrogenous materal."

Created: 1993

Ecosystems Center researchers' figure of element cycles in terrestrial ecosystems

Caption reads: "Figure 3. Major element fluxes within terrestrial ecosystems."

Created: 1986

Brian Fry and Bob Michener at the Ecosystems Center's Mass Spectrometer Lab

Caption reads: "Brian Fry and Bob Michener in the new Mass Spectrometer Laboratory"

Created: 1985

Map of Ecosystems Center researchers' forest watershed fertilizer study in Maine

Caption reads: "Figure 1: The dashed lines mark two catchments (watersheds) at the Bear Brooks Watersheds site in Maine. Both catchments are located on a southeast-facing slope and drained by streams that persist throughout the year (dark lines). The shaded catchment was treated with fertilized labeled with 15N during 1991; the other served as a control. Filled trianges show sampling locations in the fertilized area."

Created: 1992

Simulation of global annual net primary production from Ecosystems Center researchers' Terrestrial Ecosystem Model

Caption reads: "Figure 2. Annual net primary production (NPP) for undisturbed mature vegetation of the earth's ecosystems as determined by the Terrestrial Ecosystem Model (TEM) for current climate at atmosphereic carbon dioxide levels."

Created: 1992

Scientists sampling at Columbia River LMER 3

Slide reads- "Columbia River LMER, John Baross & Charles Simenstad setting up CTD-Pump Profiler in Estuary"

Scientists sampling at Columbia River LMER 2

Slide reads- "Columbia River LMER, Deployment of CTD-Profiling Pump [unreadable] Package During ETM Sampling"

Created: 1991-07

Scientists sampling at Columbia River LMER 1

Slide reads- "Columbia River LMER, Deployment of Owen (sp?) Tube; Sampling Aggregates"

Created: 1991-07

Bruce Peterson, Anne Giblin, Brian Fry at Ecosystems Center lab

Back of photo reads- "A. Giblin & Brian Fry, Bruce Peterson, Acid Rain"

Created: 1986

Edward Rastetter and Robert McKane at the Ecosystems Center

Back of photo reads- "Edward Rastetter, left,Robert McKane"

John Hobbie of Ecosystems Center holding a penguin

Back of photo reads- "1994 JEH w. penguin"

Created: 1994

Students from January course in ecology at Ecosystems Center

Back of photo reads- "Photo by Bob Golder (Linda?)"

Ecosystems Center researchers taking samples at a forest research site

Two researchers taking samples at a forest research site

Marine ecology lab at the Ecosystems Center

Marine ecology lab at the Ecosystems Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory.

Researcher using a computer at the Ecosystems Center

Researcher using a computer at the Ecosystems Center. Data of photo unknown.

Ecosystems Center Ed Rastetter, John Hobbie, Frank Bowles in Abisko, Sweden

Back of photo reads- "boardwalk at Stordalen Abisko"

Created: 1996-06

Robert Chambers portrait

Inscribed "Robert Chambers"

P. Reznikoff in the lab

Inscribed "P. Reznikoff"

I.H. Page in the lab

Inscribed "I.H. Page"