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Viktor Hamburger to Martha Hamburger, April 12, 1950

Letter about trip to Cambridge

Created: 4/12/50

Viktor Hamburger to Martha Hamburger, April 20, 1950 and April 30, 1950

Letter about trip to Cambridge, lecturing at MIT and Harvard, Victor Twitty, Rita

Created: 4/20/1950 and 4/30/1950

Viktor Hamburger to Max and Else Hamburger, July 1931

Original, written translation.

Created: 7/1/31

Viktor Hamburger to Daniel B. Drachman, October 19, 1965

About fixatives he uses

Created: 1965-10-19

Viktor Hamburger to John D. Decker, June 11, 1964

Expenses for the investigation of the turtle

Created: 1964-06-11

Viktor Hamburger to Raymond Dart, July 12, 1971

Information on his recent work on embryological motility in chicks

Created: 1971-07-12

Viktor Hamburger to Virginia Carr, January 5, 1978

5 pages, with loose notes

Created: 1978-01-05

Viktor Hamburger to Michael Corner, September 25, 1981

Comments on Marcus Jacobson review piece

Created: 9/25/81

Viktor Hamburger to Bruce Masterston, September 2, 1980

Request for a recommendation letter for Judy Brunso-Bechtold for a Sloan Fellowship

Created: 9/2/80

Viktor Hamburger to Samuel J. Ajl, June 1, 1983

Recommendation of Anne Bekoff for a grant from the Basil O'Connor Research Fund

Created: 6/1/83

Viktor Hamburger to Ludwig von Bertalanffy, July 31, 1952

Invitation to Bertalanffy to give a lecture at Washington University with funds from the Sigma Xi Society

Created: 7/31/52

Viktor Hamburger to Russell J. Blattner, February 21, 1956

Hamburger grants Blattner permission to cite his study on influenza virus in chick embryos

Created: 2/21/56

Viktor Hamburger to Philip Grant, September 5, 1963

Discussion of NSF funded travel to Finland.

Created: 9/5/63

Viktor Hamburger to E. Gutmann, November 8, 1967

Shipped book

Created: 11/8/67

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, July 31, 1961

With stage 4-25 negatives

Created: 7/31/61

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, September 26, 1961

Sending copies of earlier letters. Photo sent.

Created: 9/26/61

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, October 17, 1961

Permision of using the images for the Rugh's book

Created: 10/17/61

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, September 5, 1941

Brief comments on the manual

Created: 9/5/41

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, August 3, 1961

The rest of the negatives

Created: 8/3/61

Viktor Hamburger to Roberts Rugh, October 25, 1961

Explanation that the other stages were not essential.

Created: 10/25/61

Viktor Hamburger to S. R. Detwiler, September 25, 1944

Letter about distinguishing motor neurons from non-motor neurons

Created: 9/25/44

Methods for obtaining and handling marine eggs and embryos

Manual describing methods for handling embryological materials available at Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Created: 1957

Example of a simplified nutrient cycle from Ecosystems Center 1979 annual report

Caption reads: "Figure 1. The biotic systems that have built and now maintain the biosphere also influence the cycles of carbon, nitrogen, sulfer, and other elements. The general pattern of movement is a series of exchanges between the atmosphere, the land, and the sea. Human activities worldwide have mobilized significant additional quantities of biotically important substances, including toxins, and have modified the natural cycles."

Created: 1979

Viktor Hamburger to Giuseppe Levi, July 8, 1946, English Letter

BW copy of original German letter

Created: 1946-07-08