376 - 400 of 1686

I.H. Page in the lab

Inscribed "I.H. Page"

Eugene Dubois, 1934

Inscribed "Eugene F. DuBois, Dept. Med. Cornell, 1934"

Created: 1934

F. P. Knowlton, 1928

Inscribed "F.P. Knowlton, 1928"

Created: 1928

Ralph Lillie, 1922

Inscribed "Ralph Lillie, 1922"

Created: 1922

G. Kato in the lab

Inscribed "Prof. G. Kato, Physiological Institute, Reio University"

Chamber and Clowes, 1921

Inscribed "Robert Chambers, George Clowes, 1921"

Created: 1921

M.H. Jacobs at the microscope, 1926

Inscribed "M.H. Jacobs, 1926"

Created: 1926

Balduin Lucke, 1928

Inscribed "Balduin Lucke, Pathology, Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1928"

Created: 1928

Joseph Erlanger, 1923

Inscribed "Joseph Erlanger, 1923, Washington U."

Created: 1923

D.J. Edwards in the lab

Inscribed "D.J. Edwards"

S. Waksman in a lab coat

Inscribed "S. Waksman"

William Clark in a wicker chair

Inscribed "Wm. Muirsfield Clark"

J. H. Northrop, 1934

Inscribed "J.H. Northrop, 1934"

Created: 1934

Ferdinand Sichel, 1928

Inscribed "Ferdinand Sichel, Physiology, McGill University, 1928"

Created: 1928

Enid Keil Sichel on the stairs

Enid Keil Sichel seated on a set of stairs

Viktor Hamburger to Hech Eastlick, December 5, 1966

Information about teaching experimental embryology

Created: 1966-12-05

Viktor Hamburger to Hech Eastlick, October 19, 1942

Contains suggestions on Eastlick's manuscript

Created: 1942-10-19

Viktor Hamburger to Walter M. Elsasser, May 25, 1971

Information about biological individuality

Created: 1971-05-25

Viktor Hamburger to James David Ebert, November 12, 1976

Most likely addressed to James David Ebert, given timing of letter and content

Created: 1976-11-12

Viktor Hamburger to Richard Marshall Eakin, July 29, 1970

Comments on Eakin's lecture on Hans Spemann

Created: 1970-07-29

Viktor Hamburger to Hefzibah Eyal-Giladi, February 5, 1975

Commentary on Eyal-Giladi's stages of chick development

Created: 1975-02-05

Viktor Hamburger to Mac V. Edds, May 19, 1964

Comments on a manuscript about electron microscopy of motor neuroblasts

Created: 1964-05-19

Viktor Hamburger to Mac V. Edds, January 11, 1962

Bottom of page is damaged

Created: 1962-01-11

Viktor Hamburger to Daniel B. Drachman, December 7, 1964

About a study of motility cycles and glass needles

Created: 1964-12-07

Viktor Hamburger to Daniel B. Drachman, October 19, 1965

About fixatives he uses

Created: 1965-10-19